Friday, April 27, 2012

Helen Prest Ajayi's Daughter Is Among MBGN 2012 Contestants, Does She Have All It Takes?

If you ask me, Tiffany Annabelle might just have the chance, I say this 'cos she may be more than the looks people are not seeing now. And until I see more pictures of her, I won't be too quick to judge wether she stands a chance or not, especially in a pageant where gracefulness, polished manners and intelligence count alot. Her mother, a former beauty queen y'all will agree not only has the looks but all three attribute combined. This is one MBGN to watch out for, it'll be quite interesting to see who wins the crown.

BTW, I might just put my money on Ms. Tiffany Annabelle Davies but like I said, time will tell. Go to LINK to see photos of all the 32 contestants.

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