Friday, April 27, 2012

Beyonce's "End Of World" Cover Art Comeptition Has A Winner, Shall We See Waje's Too

In case you missed this: After having Baby Blue Beyonce has been working hard getting back into the music after announcing the winner if her End Of Time Remix contest the singer has unveiled the official cover art to her upcoming remix project of her 4th album “4″ The compilation will be available digitally on April 24th. Check which songs will be getting remixed below.

1.’Run the World (Girls)’ Dave Audé Club Remix
2. ‘Countdown’ Isa Machine Remix
3. ‘Best Thing I Never Had’ Lars B Remix
4. ‘Love On Top’ DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix

5. ‘End Of Time’ WAWA Extended
6. ‘End Of Time’ JIMEK Remix
Well, yea I had to mention Waje's cover art competition, I must tell you I'm looking forward to seeing who wins her $1000 for the best design and what the design will look like.. Someone should just not fall my hand ni.. Winks

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