Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beyonce Refuses To Be In Any Photoshot With Kanye's GF, Kim Kardashian, Find Out Why

SOURCE: PEOPLE Magazine crowned Beyonce the Most Beautiful Woman In 2012, can anyone beat that? I also think she's beautiful inside and out. Ok, back to the story that inspired the title of this post.. It looks like there may be some tension between Jay Z and friend/labelmate/tour mate Kanye West. Popular online gossip site, MediaTakeOut reported weeks ago that Jay is not too enthusiastic about Kanye's new love of Kim Kardashian and that Jay Z had forbidden Kim Kardashian from
coming on tour with the pair.

Now, what the site hass revealed is that Jay Z and Beyonce are NOT going to be in the same room with Kanye and Kim Kardashian.

The report continues: According to two very reliable snitches, Jay Z and Beyonce refused to enter Carmelo Anthony's special "Audemars" dinner on Monday night - until after Kim and Kanye left.

One insider told us that Jay Z and Bey waited outside, in their van - until Kim and Kanye left. Tells the insider, "Beyonce doesn't want to be in the same [photo] shot with [Kim Kardashian]."

Another insider told that Kim and Kanye only stayed for 5 minutes. And after they left, Beyonce and Jay Z arrived and enjoyed themselves until the early morning hours.

The insider explained, "Swizz Beat was DJing, and Jay and Bey had a great time."..

Good thing I think, Beyonce has worked so hard to have to be used by Kim Kardashian and her family for cheap publicity. Glad Bey and Jay Z have some good sense.. Don't you just agree? :D

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