Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adele Reveals, "It's Not Really Possible For My Next Album To Be As Big As My Last One"

Adele has revealed that she doesn’t feel pressured about attaining the success of her second album ’21′ because she doesn’t believe it’s possible. Talking to French radio station “I never ever expected the success of my first album, let alone how many records it has sold,” when asked about the huge success of ’21′.

The singer said she doesn’t worry about achieving as many sales with her next album release as she dished; “I don’t really feel pressure for my next record to be as big as my last one, because I know it’s not really possible,

She explained; “What happened with this one is very rare anyway.

I have to convince them with my songs again, so that’s only where the pressure comes from and that pressure comes from me putting it on myself.

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