Monday, March 12, 2012

Kenny Saint Brown Drops Brown From Her Name

Apparently, the gospel act was never divorced from her erstwhile husband, Eddy Brown, she was only seperated from him. Kenny St. Brown recently addressed this issue with some reporters and she was quoted to have said..
"People actually did not know that I had never divorced but just separated. I think it's the appropriate time to drop the name in order to move to greater things, and I dont want to put it in a way that in-laws would be feeling that it is the name that has been spoiling my image.
I want to say that I have moved beyond the whole saga around me then and my divorce is in totality. I always try to be the best in what I do, and I have been achieving my set goals, so, I am now on going to be called Kenny Saint Best."
Kenny Saint Brown now wants to be known as Kenny Saint Best  >>>
Huh! Doesn't sound great to me, I'd rather Kenny Saint.. Simples.. But her way no be my way noni, she understands why she picks 'Best' as her new lastname.. BTW, prolly it's the name of a new flame, someone she's considering marriage to? My imagination sha.. Or someone she has married already.. but no I bet.. That second option no jell at all at all, she's yet to divorce Mr. Brown, and the first one will be putting the cart before the horse, not possible right? Anyways, I wish her the best.. I need to mind my business, starting now.. #OkiesBye

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