Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Will Do With "Jenifa" What Tyler Perry Did With "Madea" - Funke Akindele

“I have decided that I will do with Jenifa what Tyler Perry has done with the character Madea. We all watch Madea and love her. So I will make Jenifa a character that will always come back as a means of bringing laughter to my fans and also passing important messages to the general public,” Akindele said.Akindele created the Jenifa franchise and alter-ego in 2008 to wide critical and commercial success. In 2011, she brought the character back in ‘The Return of Jenifa’ which even recorded a greater success and was premiered in Illinois in America as well as in Lagos to excellent reviews. ‘The Return of Jenifa’ only started selling on DVD last week.

Funke Akindele also revealed that
the much loved character will be returning for a third spell after a successful second installment last year.

“We are already working on the script for Jenifa three,” Akindele told in an interview. “Jenifa has come to stay now; the third part will be out before this year is over.”

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