Monday, March 12, 2012

The Day Kayode Ajulo Abducted A 'Boko Haramist'

Original title - "A Ride With A Boko Haramist".. On a return journey from Kaduna, I did the needful by picking a passenger on the road to ensure that I have a company.

My pick turned out be an erudite, intelligent and cosmopolitant Notherner. He graduated from one of the best Universities in the South South and after a while, I seek to have his takes on Boko Haram issue.

His response was a new vista as he told me tha...t the injustice going on in the Country particularly in the North is the cause of Boko Haram scourge. He told me that the North recorded the

highest numbers of suicidal act and other deaths and these is not unconnected to the fact that many can not swallow their pride but rather opted to die.
He narrated how our young men killed themselves over one form of injustice metted to them or their family.

Prevalence were how dissapointed grooms and brides killed themselves on simple issue of abduction of their mate by power that be.

He narrated how one big man and another will corvet their commonwealth and in his final words...

"Barrister, I am not a Boko Haram, I can never take another man's life but the truth is that most of this suicide bombers are not only Moslem but Christians who now chose not to die alone but with at least other people."
And I believe him.
...I believe him too.. yea, me *Berrykiss

You can find Kayode Ajulo HERE or Follow him on Twitter - @KayodeAjulo

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