Monday, March 12, 2012

Celeb Quote: Goldie On Tiwa Savage

Here's an exerpt from an interview Goldie did recently, when asked if she feels Tiwa Savage usurped her in the industry (..that kain question ehn), here's what she has to say

"You have to understand her music comes from a long while back. Tiwa Savage didn't just swoop in, she's someone who has been doing music for a long time, this repertoire is on her profile. If you see someone that has been signed on Sony Music as a song writer for five years. Someone who has done competitions, she tried to compete in X factor and you saw the pain when she was turned down. She
just deserves a break, and besides

, she’s a hard worker. She’s talented and a fantastic person."

Nicee right, something about Goldie that most people don't know.. She's humble, Quiet (yea, seriously) you won't believe it, shes this crazy girl in her videos but in real life, she's the kindest person you would ever come across in Naija's music scene.. Take it from someone who's known her a long time now..

Have a fab week friends

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