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Berrykiss Exclusive: 20 Questions For Halima Abubakar

Top Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar answered 20 Questions in an exclusive with #BerrykissInspires.. Enjoy........ 1. Where are you from? Am from kogi state

2.  Educational background? I have a diploma and degree in sociology from Bayero
University Kano

3. How would you describe your childhood? Growing up had it's moment but it was mostly good for my family because we had love and
peace of mind. I'm from a very loving family, we are close My family are close and we consider each other best friends, they are my best people in the world and are  fans

4. What would you like to change about yourself if any? I'll love to...
trust people
5. What is your most challenging role?Well, every script is unique so I'm going to say none, but I have done some really amazing work the past year, I'm very hopeful about this year.

6. What would you like to change about the movie industry?
The 'almighty' clique thing and the fact that unserious girls have invaded the industry.
7. Any international roles?A documentary for World Health Organization and something, a role actually that's still under wraps.

8. You are dubbed 'miss controversial'. How do you react to the 'lustful' gaze by your male colleagues in the movie industry?I have no time to notice some things, I just don't notice those.. Smiles

9. Have you ever been sexually harrassed?
Oh yes, from a lot of people. I reported these instances too. I lost so many jobs because of it but where are they now? I have the last laugh

10. Do you have any rift with any of your female colleagues?
You can't be friends with everyone, I'm at peace with myself.

11. Who has been your most-preferred co-actress or actor in the Nigeria movie industry?
I have had good rapour with a lot of colleagues in the industry, those people are my preffered people in the indusry. I could give you a list but does it matter. Wink

12. How many movies have you starred in?
Over a hunded

13. I know most people don't know about your philanthropic nature. Can you tell us if you have got a charitable home or you intend continuing your good works of sharing with the needy?
I will continue being a good person to all, my goal is not to have a foundation but if it's necessary, then great. I am passionate about lending a hand to the needy.

14. Can you please tell us about your new production work - The Mistress?
'Mistress' is my baby. My first sponsored job so I'm very excited. It's a story about love, lies, deceit and faithfulness in a relationship and how karma works in amazing ways.

15. What has it been like in terms of challenges?
It was time consuming putting it together, and the resources spent, oh well! The result is amazing though, very gratifying and I am truly very happy.

16 .When is it going to be premiered?As soon as I'm satisfied with the editing, that's what I'm taking my time on. In the meantime, the trailer will be out pretty soon.

17. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Where God wants me to be is where I will be but I pray it's somewhere amazing.

18. Who is your role model
My mum.. Woop, woop, woop!!!

19. Your sense of style. What you feel most comfortable wearing?
Jalabia caftan because it's easy to wear

20. Word for your fans?
Be grateful to God, work hard and remain focused, stay out of drugs and keep your body safe.

Thank you Halima, you rock and Berrykiss cares.

Hi readers, Halima was one of 10 celebrities (Waje, Empress Ijama, Kenny Bankole and more) that strutted the runway at my event and awards ceremony, The Green Ball/Icon Awards. She was awesome, I was very impressed by her ability to appear very patient in the face of frustrations that come with organizing such big ceremonies. Join me in wishing her the best in her upcoming projects and career.

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Halima Abubaka'r interview was conducted by Berrykiss correspondent, Ibrahim Omotosho. t- @heem_toshoson

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