Thursday, March 1, 2012

Berrykiss Exclusive: Interview with Vector, Prolific Rapper

Rocking the airwaves within a year of his ‘official’ entrance, dropping bars that have earned him a comparison to Jay-Z, featuring Nigeria’s biggest acts and dropping sterling videos at the first try.

BerryKiss correspondent, Ibrahim Omotosho (@heem_toshoson) hooked up with ‘Kilode’ crooner, 'Vector tha Viper'. They spoke about his music, ladies and BEEF.

Hmm, read on
Full names please?
Ogunmefun Olanrewaju

And could you please tell us about your childhood?
All I can say about my childhood is ... Fun. It was fun growing up

Just fun?
Super fun

How can you describe 'fun'?
Describing fun will take longer than ought...Grew up amidst three elder siblings and we basically grew together in most things

Ok...Good. So, your educational background please?
Attended Command Children's School Bonny Camp, Ijebu Ode Grammar School, Government College Victoria Island, Saint Gregory's College and University Of Lagos. B.A
When did you kick-start your musical career?
Around SSS 1, I got into a group of 3-Blaze, Vector and Krystal.We dropped a single on air around that period too.
Impressive. Professionally, how many years have you been in music?
Officially I have been in for a year.

Just a year and you've made some success like you've been in it for awhile. Very nice.

Tell us about your record label?
Well my label is YSG entertainment. Signed under them and all I can further say is, more and bigger things on the way

You got any mixtape or album(s) out?
Album- 'State of Surprise'. No mix-tapes yet

Rumour has it that you were rolling with artists at Storm Records. Then, some scuffles erupted between you and Naeto C. How true is this story?
Emm…Well, that isn't true. I don't have any kind of scuffle with any rapper.

So, no beef whatsoever with anyone in the industry?
None that I know of for now

The Vector version of ‘Oleku’ was well received. What's your inspiration?
I just think in tune with the environment (though sometimes I do the ‘distant relation’ thing).
Video: Vector ft 2face - Get Down.. Enjoy

 Vector ft 9ice
Distant Relation'? Elucidate please.
My environment extends beyond the immediate surroundings sometimes.

Okay. On a normal day, what outfit do you dig so much?
Nice footwear, Cool T-shirt (or V-necks). Basically anything that eases and feels comfy.

I'm sure you've got a very huge female fan base. How do you cope with the ladies?
I don't have a problem with the ladies

On a final note, where do you see yourself in five years time?
Affording needs and considering wants

Awesome! Thanks for the chat.
The pleasure is all mine

So here people, your boy unveiled in a 30 minutes chat. In this interview are 'V' tips about him which you might have noticed
  • He ‘lols’ when praised-quite modest for a rapper
  • He has a good understanding of his Economics, saw that statements about ‘needs’ and ‘wants’?
  • He makes short, loaded statements
  • He has no ‘known’ beef with any rapper
  • He’s human; just a very talented one

Thanks for reading through this, leave a comment below if you think this interview appeals to you. We will be very happy to bring you more chats in future with your favourite artistes.



faizah said...

Wow, short n precise...ok, now...dnt lemme switch ma allegiance from M.I o...lolz!

'riike said...

lol@ needs & wants...Short precise no stories...Sure its appealing...Btw i like the guy sef...that Angeli with 9ice