Saturday, March 10, 2012

Actress Uses Love Charm To Blindfold Multi-Millionaire Lover

SOURCE ...11 Pastors go on dry fasting and praying to break lovecharm.
...Loverboy takes to his heels after prayer session. plans cancelled.

What you are about to read is not a script from your regular nollywood movie,it is a real life event however the last names of the people involved will not be mentioned because I no fit shout. This is what the olofofos squealed
" she used what she did and materially she gained a Hummer, Toyota Camry O9, travelled to 13states in yankee, Rented an apartment for herself in Marwa Gardens and started her line of business. His name is Jack and he is into oil business and has a study foundation,he is very single and wanted to marry her.
The guy got carried away by her TV personality of being cool and and they started dating but alas

loverboy was alerted by his pastors that he had been jinxed and a strong prayer session was organised for him
And he got saved but by then the actress had milked him almost to the last drop.
Interestingly the actress is best friend with a notorious well known former unilag girl called Tolu (T-jazz) who has used jazz to get houses, cars, lands off men.

The pastors told loverboy he had been infected with the love portion via food and lovemaking"
The olofofos also reveal that loverboy was setting the ground to marry this actress when the lid on the can of worms was taken off.
For those interested in knowing the lovergirl actress. She has dated a footballer,a comedian and a musician.she is very shapely,very pretty,light skinned,great legs,beautiful smile and a lousy attitude.

Her first name ends with the fifth alphabet.

Whatever name you arrive at you are on your own!

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