Friday, January 27, 2012

Gunmen Killed 15 Village Traders In Zamfara

After reading this story, I wonder why the perpetrators of these dastardly acts are reffered to as robbers.. Do you follow friends? I mean, like seriously? What did they rob? The report here is  they maimed and killed, so where exactly did robbing come in..? Lets call a spade a spade jere, this is one act of terror on innocent people.. Simples. Okies, I'll let you read full story now : )

Gunmen have killed 15 village traders returning from a market at night and set their bodies ablaze in Zamfara state, a local police chief said on Friday.
Gunmen, suspected to be armed robbers, attacked some local traders on their way back from a market in neighbouring Katsina state late Thursday,” Zamfara state police commissioner Tambrai Yabo said.

“The armed robbers waylaid the traders travelling back in an open truck and opened fire on them. They then loaded the truck with 14 bodies and burnt them,”

Villagers said around 100 robbers came out of the bush and forced the truck to stop. The attack occurred near a village that is close to the town of Birnin Magaji in Zamfara state, which borders Niger. Armed robberies have been on the rise in Zamfara in recent months.

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