Friday, August 31, 2012

Hilarious: If You Are Single And Keep Saying "I Don't Trust Men or Women"

I find this funny but truth be said, the writer knows what he/she was about.. Bhet that third paragraph tho.. I half* agree with it.. Winks

If you are SINGLE and keep on saying "I DON'T TRUST MEN OR WOMEN!" remember... your mates are getting married every Saturday. Let me ask you, are they marrying spirits?

If you are MARRIED and keep saying "I HATE THIS MARRIAGE!" OK! Is it not married people like you that are celebrating Gold, Silver and even Platinum jubilee?

If you keep on ranting, ''I'M LEAVING MY MAN, HE CHEATED ON ME!" Please, go to town and see all the fine, cute, hot, hungry and desperate chicks waiting to snatch your man's money and property, they don't even mind sharing.

Make it work, my friend! Stop saying "I HATE MY JOB!" Look! 20million people are jobless and can't even find any not to talk of keeping it! Do you want to join them?

You keep saying "I HATE WHERE I LIVE!" Oh please! *tears* Try visiting those locations that are flooded now, people leaving in tin/zinc shacks in winter or people living/ sleeping under the bridge at night and you will be  grateful to God that you even have a place to stay!

Some say "I AM TIRED OF THIS LIFE!" Well, go to the hospital and see people fighting for their lives! Go to the mortuary and take a look then tell me what you feel after that!

My point is, be positive and believe in God, that's all that matters. AS FAR AS THERE IS LIFE, THERE IS HOPE. JUST KEEP TRUSTING IN GOD, EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.. GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!

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Hakeem Bunnaj said...

The best bride I have ever see!!
They get mouth...