Sunday, July 15, 2012

What a Chick Tattoed on her Arm for Love of her Nigerian Singer Boyfriend

This is actually stale gist but I didn't share it at the time.. Covers face* Square Records' artiste May D's girlfriend went and got herself a tattoo of the singer's name on her bod.. Deadt.. Like seriously, who does that? She's a girlfriend for crying out loud, what happens if/when he drops her? She has the tattoo for life and the guy gets a different who I hope will not be as foolish.
Besides, he hasn't put a ring on it, so what right thinking human being of Nigerian descent will go this overboard to prove she loves her man. What man will take her as his woman if she breaks up with the singer? Well not my brother sha :D 

In related news (also stale), Ice Prince also got some fan lovin from Kenya, a Kenyan babe sent the rapper a pic of her arm with his name tattooed over it. See pic below. The rapper tweeted the following to show appreciation

Shoutout 2 @EstherNdanu 4 loving the music enough to tattoo my real name on her… In another one he said; D X and Os to @EstherNdanu my new number 1 fan and BIG hug to the whole of Kenya!!!’.

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