Monday, July 23, 2012

Banky W Takes EME All-Stars To Iraq! **Wide Grin

You didn't hear this one from me o, I swear down you didn't! I logged into twitter last night, a couple hours ago and saw these activities on Banky W's timeline, some of his fans were trying to have him retweet hot questions they wanted him to answer, as I was minding my business o, I saw this particular question that got me cracking up so bad : ) EMEeezzy in IRAQ!!! Doesn't sound as bad as it **SOUNDS now, does it? **wide grin** Check out the tweet below and the singer's response. Happy reading

BTW, its's obvious the brother ain't going nowhere near some AK47 or whatever it is they use down there.. Good thinking! The tweet from @washingtonpost will convince you if nothing else does.. ehe!

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