Saturday, May 12, 2012

2face And Eldee Unknowingly Tweet False Info, Fans Didn't Find It Funny

Ignore the title, just seeking attention ni.. *wide grin**. But thing is, Eldee, 2face and a few other celebrities went on twitter congratulating Dbanj on 'Oliver Twist' which they learnt had reached No.1 on UK Billboard's Top 100 Charts, but little did they know this's so not true. Apparently, Dbanj's publicist started it, she went on the micro-blogging site announcing 'Oliver Twist' has recorded yet another milestone, but after peeps checked the UK Charts' website, they realised they've been misinformed. Dbanj's 'Oliver Twist' is just not on the list at all, hasn't even peaked anywhere on it.
Dbanj's 'Oliver Twist' is no doubt enjoying massive airplay in the UK, time will tell if it'll get debut on major Billboard Charts. We wish him well. yea WE!!!

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Anonymous said...

it was indeed on the UK billboard ok....double check your false stories before posting them...that you dont like dbanj does not mean you should post false stories...Idiot!