Friday, May 11, 2012

Recommended Read: Project Alert Cries Out For Help For Victim Of Domestic Violence, Mrs. Mercy Nnadi

On the 07 of April, 2012, Mercy Nnadi 38yrs became a victim of domestic violence when her husband Henry Nnadi 38yrs burnt her with hot iron for allegedly sleeping with his 65-year-old father. Henry who is currently in confinement at Kirikiri prison Lagos, is also alleged to have killed their 1yr old son Ebuka.

Mercy is still in excruciating pains as a result of the intensity of burns she sustained from the hot pressing iron her husband placed on all over her body. The third degree burns she received may have done extensive damage to her body and she urgently needs.. PLS CONTINUE AFTER THE JUMP

financial assistance to help her get specialized medical treatment like skin graft surgery

While the New Evolution Hospital Okota, where Mercy Nnadi was initially admitted helped in stabilizing the victim, it is now crucial that she is seen by a Burns Specialist as she would need skin grafting surgeries

Project Alert on Violence against Women, in collaboration with Centa for Organizational Development (COD) Nigeria and Zahara Women Foundation are working around the clock to ensure the victim gets specialist medical care for her third degree burns. In view of the ongoing strike by doctors and other health workers in Lagos State, these organizations, have been trying to identify a Burns Surgeon with any of the major government hospitals, such as LASUTH, IGBOBI and LUTH, to attend to Mercy in a Private Hospital. Arrangements for this is almost finalized, as a Burns Surgeon has been identified, and mercy would soon be moved to a private clinic is consults for.

As evidenced from the picture above, Mercy requires the burns to be monitored closely, for them to heal well, and thereafter, skin grafting, particularly in her breast and chest region which seemed to have defied all manner of treatment. Her thigh, from where skin should be gotten for grafting, is also burnt and needs healing.

The road to recovery for the victim is a long and very difficult one which requires extensive medical and emotional care. She needs our financial support and prayers to help her go through the difficult times ahead.

To help meet the victim’s medical expenses, an account has been set up for her and we are appealing to well meaning Nigerians and organizations to support the victim with whatever they can, as no amount is too small.

Account Name:
Account No: 1013015180
Zenith Bank, Ojodu Branch.

Donations made to this account, would be published on the website of the three organizations partnering to ensure that Mercy survives this horrible ordeal. WE COUNT ON YOUR SUPPORT.

Josephine Effah-Chukwuma (Executive Director, Project Alert)
Nkiru Okoro (Executive Director, COD)
Rosemary Mukoro (Zahara Women)

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