Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos: Timaya Welcomes Baby Girl, Chelsea Fans In Church For Thanksgiving + More

Timaya tweets earlier today about his newborn, some lucky woman just delivered a baby girl for him, he shared the baby's picture on twitter for fans to get a first look at. Congrats dude, I still wish you and Empress couldda been together like forever tho (winks), well that's cos I luv Empress and like you too a bit, regardless of both your crazy attitude.. But madt luv from here.

You do see Tuface's picture with his son? That's so cute, no? It's one of my fav pictures of him, give it to tubaba, he's very responsible towards his children, God bless his heart. Oh well, silly thing with a thanksgiving service for Chelsea's win past days, I shake my bum bum for the pastor that allowed a thing like this one.. In Linda Ikeji's voice,' some people haff ya were.. Instead of pi:ples to be praying for Nigeria's salvation.. Heheh.

Anyways, I love Fathia Balogun's latest photo, she looks mmm, take away, go on babes.. or maam.. erm auntie I mean, wharrevea tho.. And that's Rihanna reppin' Chelsea Club's big boy, Didier Drogba himself. It was Drake the other day, now Riri the bad girl herself.. I love Drogba too, I overheard he may be gay... OkBye.. But just so you know how I feel about this, I pray he's not.. He can't be sef, player haters will always say stuffs.. [Insert 'straight face' smiley].

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