Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Tweeps Of The Day: El-Rufai And @getbizzy00

I follow Mallam El-rufai on twitter, to be honest he has this funny way he replies questions his followers ask him on the micro-blogging site, sometimes his criptic replies can be annoying but you get the feeling he's trying his best to anwer and retweet all of these questions, so I don't blame him much really (tongue in cheek), Anyways, I lifted a few of them for you, note his answer to @9ijaobserver, *demolition experiences*, you'll understand the joke if you recall his stint as Minister of FCT and his then not so popular stand of demolition of houses that didn't meet federal requirement. Enjoy!
The tweets by @getbizzy00, those are hilarious.. I mean seriously?!!! I hope they make your day too.. Lol.

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