Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Twitter Extract: Muna Apologizes To Mode9, Calls For Madness From Fans To Stop

 Good thing here.. She haff done well. Peeps should let this die abeg. Starting with me gaan.. Winks.


baubau said...

Atink she haf apologise since d day afta?so worrizit sef!!!!!is he God?biko shift!egbon flows

Olu' Verve said...

U are wrong cus she hasnt apologized. She shld be subjected to a dope test

Anonymous said...

It kul she did dis shud stand as a warnin card 2 others upcumin b new arts mostly d femcee's to respect dier elders in d game...y wud she oppose d decision of an rap icon who probably started d game wen she was stil in primary skool...modu pls accept her apology 4 ur homeboi sake(me) i luv her too bt she don fall ma hands..pls leegoo.