Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet President Obama's Half Sister, Auma Obama And His Ex-Girlfriend, Genevieve Cook

Go to TIME to read about Auma Obama on Her Famous Brother, Their Instant Connection and Her New Memoir. Auma Obama is President Obama's half sister, from another mom but same father. She was born in Kenya and only a year older than the president. They met for the fist time when they were in their 20s, in 1984, and since then, they've used every opportunity to bond and catch up on lost years of not meeting.

When asked what their father talked to her about Obama while she was growing up, peep the exerpt of what she has o say:
Yes, all the time. We knew I had a brother in America. My father used to call him Barry, we all called him Barry, which he doesn’t really like, so we don’t call him that anymore. He made that clear right from the beginning that he’s Barack. And my father and his mother were in touch, so she would send his school reports to my father because my father was a very keen advocate of education. She would send photos, so I had photos of Barack.
Continue after the jump to learn about his ex-girlfriend whom he had a great relationship with when he was back in college.

President Obama with college girlfriend Genevieve Cook
Interestingly, before Michelle Obama, the president was romantically involved with two people, both college sweethearts he shared alot with. Genevieve Cook is one of them, he met her while he attended Columbia University, and there is Alex McNear, whom he shared poetic thoughts with. They couldn't have known what Barrack Obama would become in future, oh what a life! Winks

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