Sunday, May 6, 2012

Interesting Photos Of The Day: Davido, MBGN, President Hollande

What makes these pictures interesting, check the one with Davido after the jump.. LOL. He could be the one tho, maybe some picture of him when he didn't have money.. I understand he was born into riches, so then it might be a long-lost twin brother of his that he doesn't know.. Tehehe (wicked laffs).
Picture two is one that I love, if you've been following my blog, you'll notice how I combine pictures to form one image and often with texts to go with the pics, those are my designs, everything!!! I use CorelDraw, not exceptionally well but I try. So, trust me on this, I know when I see a very good design, the MBGN one is a very good one. I give the designer 8/10.. 8 cos he/she missed the font for "Anniversary", it's so odd, plain and not fit for the overall effort put into it.. If you know about graphic designing, you can challenge me on this. I think a more creative font would have worked very well, it can still be a simple font but definitely not the one that was used here.

My last photo of the day, President Francois Hollande.. Newly elected by the French people. This one makes me smile, given that Nigeria will have another presidential election in 2015, if Sakowvy can be voted out, then there's hope for Nigeria yet.
Have a beautiful week friends. Remember to check out Davido's twin after the jump.. Strong laffs

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Fatimah said...

Lol! The guy really looks like Davido and yes I feel you on the font part, I use Photoshop, something simple yet elegant would have stood out and of course the designer could have tweaked blending properties.

I love the background color and the symbol though.