Monday, May 14, 2012

Development: Campaign To Get 'Oliver Twist' On UK Top 10, Are You In?

Oliver Twist climbs to the top of the UK Pre-Release Urban and Dance Charts, courtesy of Shazam which aggregates the results based on iTunes pre release sales. Erm, but that's what the Shazam polls will have us believe, peeps in the UK say different, here's a campaign I lifted from FUNMI OGUNJA's site, and this knocks down the No.1 listing for 'Oliver Twist.. Y'all should support the following tho:
Join the wave, join the movement, join the campaign! Oliver Twist DESERVES to be in the UK TOP 10 AT LEAST! Such an amazing song, loved by everyone! Especially in the UK. Lets make it official by buying the single on itunes for 99p! You have the song already? Totally besides the point! Nigeria's going for gold with this one! If D'banj enters the UK chart, it won't just be Nigeria breaking a record, it will mean Africa breaking the record!
Last time I checked Oliver Twist was Number 10 on the itunes UK Chart!Visit itunes by clicking here to buy your Oliver Twist single!

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