Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wow!!! NoOne Should Be This Pretty - Nicki Minaj

Aware Nicki Minaj deleted her twitter account? Well, she did, and the last count of her followers before she went off he micro-blogging site was 11million + strong. Nicki Minaj’s absence from Twitter may not even last a week, says one social commenter. During an appearance on BBC’s “Graham Norton Show,” the eccentric performer revealed what convinced her to suddenly quit the social networking site earlier this week, much to the dismay of her many fans she fondly refers to as her “Barbz.”

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“A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did,” she explained. “I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me.

“I reply all the time and get to know them by name and I have a really personal bond with them…not all 11 million, but at least 10 of them a day.”

Though the 29-year-old rapper didn’t explain in the interview her reasons for being a Twitter quitter, she made mention of it in her last few tweets before signing off late Sunday evening.

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