Monday, April 2, 2012

VIDEO: Whitney Houston's 'Sparkle' Trailer Debuts, You Gotta Love This.. *Wipes Tears

SOURCE: The trailer for Whitney Houston's "Sparkle" debuted Monday (April 2), giving fans a sneak peek at the singer/actress' final performance.

The first glimpse of Houston in the trailer shows her character, Emma, dancing to the Motown music her daughters are playing in the living room, sung by Cee Lo Green.

Houston jokes, "Yeah, y'all like that, huh? Makes you want to dance, huh? I'm going to get it and you will too. Keep dancing like that, you'll bring home some kid you can't feed." The humor continues as her daughters
jump into bed together to hide from Emma after arriving home after their curfew. "My babies," she says. "I know y'all don't love each other that much."

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As the trailer progresses, the comedy dims and the weight of fame takes its toll. On the precipice of getting a record deal, Emma is hesitant to let her daughters pursue music as a career. She says, "Was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you?" And while the sisters cope with the spotlight, one deals with an abusive marriage that may force her to.. abandon her dream.

The trailer shows a preview of a performance that will leave fans amazed, while at the same time feeling the great loss the music industry suffered with Houston's death.

The movie centers on three talented sisters who deal with the struggles of fame after they form a musical group. Houston not only starred in the remake of the 1976 Irene Cara film, but was executive producer as well. 

Jordin Sparks stars as Sparkle Williams, the title role. "Even before she passed I wanted to be able to represent this movie in a way that would honor her and respect her, because she worked so hard on it. With her passing, it's definitely been a lot more pressure." From the looks of the trailer, she has nothing to be nervous about. We think Whitney Houston would've been very proud.

"Sparkle" is scheduled to hit theaters on August 17.

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