Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Video: "Marley" Premiers Tomorrow April 20 On Facebook And In Theaters

The documentary film Marley is premiering on April 20, tomorrow, in theaters and on Facebook. It will be the first time a movie premieres on Facebook the same day it opens in theaters, the documentary is about Bob Marley, king of reggae music and it's titled ‘Marley’.

Marley comes courtesy of director Kevin Macdonald, who also directed The Last King of Scotland a few years ago. It will be a “life and times” type of documentary, with archival footage and interviews.  Read more and watch trailer after the jump..

Viewing the film on facebook will cost $6.99 via PayPal or Credit card, proceeds from this will be donated to the charity ‘Save the children’, a charity for less fortunate kids

For this premiere, which is the first to run on a social blog and theatre at the same time, facebook users will be able to use social entertainment company Milyoni’s technology to chat with friends while watching, and will also be able to tag and share clips.

Great stuff.. Tune in April 20, rather log into facebook, that will be the place to be. Can't wait meself.. winks

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