Friday, April 13, 2012

Twitter Extract: Akon On Whizkid's Multi-Milion Record Deal With His Konvict Label

Big things happen in small packages.. I'm referring to the talented young artiste, Whizkid. He looks small but he's uber-talented. I remember the first time I saw him on stage performing, it was Dynamix Awards 2010 (I was nominee for 2 awards categories.. wide grin).. I digress, I should tho, this is my blog afterall.. winks.  Ok, back to Whizkid, I loved him right from that day, though I knew about him before the awards but seeing this cute bro doing his thang on stage was a sight to behold. I was in the company of friends, ex-Sisi Oge of Lagos, Damilola Otubanjo and another friend, Maureen. Maureen wouldn't stop leaping out of her seat to get a better glympse of Whizkid on stage, it was madt love she was showing and unknowingly to her, I caught the same *bug from her since then. To me, Whizkid can't do anything wrong -- he should watch some of his lyrics
tho.. tatataa : )

Why this rants right? See Akon's tweet for yourself. Here's wishing Whizkid the best from here on.


PS: The multi-million record deal, I don't know squat if it's that or not, just thought to be sensational. I'm sure I'm not too far from the truth though.. #okBye

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