Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shocking: R&B Singer's Harrisong's Parents Are Blood Brother And Sister, The Actor Revealed Recently

Shocking!!! This is one of those stories that rip your heart out, don't despair 'cos the people here were not aware of their close bonds. Apparently, Harrison Tari Okri, popularly known as Harrysong, fast rising R&B singer revealed a family secret to a publication recently, Yes! Magazine, he revealed how his parents gave birth to him not knowing they were blood relations, brother and sister actually. but I give it to Harrysong, he's officially my man of the moment for getting this out and openly too. Peep the exerpts.
I am an only child. I learnt that when my mother was alive, she met my father, then she was still in school and they were in the same class and in the same village. But they didn't know they were closely related. After my mum gave birth to me, she and my dad discovered they were actually brother and sister and subsequently separated. So, I was born based on what our villagers regard as abomination. They attempted to kill my father in the village, but he fled. Because in Warri where I come from, it's a taboo. They termed it incest. They both eventually married other people.

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