Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pls Read: Woman Cries Out, "Save Me From My Irish-Nigerian Husband"

Since 2003 I have been living in fear in Ireland. I have been hounded by the Irish/Nigerian man I married. It became obvious that he has an extreme split personality disorder, I decided for safety of myself and my son, that it was best I leave the marriage and stay alone. He was enraged, and has apparently, refused to let go since 2003.

He has threatened to SLICE MY THROAT; I have been hiding..., keeping
quiet, off limits.

He has created email accounts in my name & date of birth, and profiles of me all over FACEBOOK, and in other networks!

He has attacked my femininity, my Christianity, my life, my name, my integrity, calls me prostitute
, he has attacked my career,

NOW, he is attacking my business. I have tried lots of businesses. As soon as I start, I start getting nasty inbox messages and insinuations which make me stop.

He knows every single address I move to. So bad so that I can't use my real address in public forms, like drivers license, which itself could be criminal here in Ireland.



■ YINKA spoke with the POLICE for almost 2hours today (3/30/12), and would be contacted by another team of investigators!

■ Meanwhile, friends/family of YINKA could log in to the Garda (Irish National Police Service) and make a formal complaint on her behalf:

■ The last report on Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Ireland by THE WOMEN'S AID indicate that in 2010, there were 13,575 reported incidents of domestic, reflecting 8,351 incidents of emotional abuse, 3,031 incidents of physical abuse, and 1,605 incidents of financial abuse. In the same year, 588 incidents of sexual abuse were disclosed to Helpline support workers including 213 rapes.

Please log in a complaint on or call the toll free: 1800 341 900.

Culled From A Facebook Campaign By Irish Action Against Domestic Violence

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BunBun4life said...

FOR GOD'S SAKE won't the police in Ireland HELP YOU in any way? Is there some way you could apply for a 'new identity' with a new name and/or personal ID number that he couldn't trace?

This is a nightmare. People do not understand what it is to be stalked & harassed. You can go insane, you can lose everything, but including the energy you need just to EXIST. Your life becomes a nightmare.

Every day and every minute having to look over your shoulder, behind bushes & everything else !!

Stalkers are generally not hands off either. Usually eventually they do something physical.

PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is something the authorities will do to help you hide from him, or can't they deport him? SHIT.

The truth is, I want to tell women to avoid the IMMIGRANTS from Africa. So many studies show they are rife with mental illness, but the truth is - that's their way of life!

Of course we consider this behaviour a mental illness, but I just got through reading a story where a man BRUTALLY beat & destroyed the face of his wife/girlfriend (contradictory reports) because she questioned his infidelity THIS WAS IN NIGERIA. She was unconscious, her face looked less than real & he had cut her fingers off, I think. I don't know what i was looking at. A hand with 3 fingers on it, one of which was barely hanging on by some black threads, I mean it looked like a nightmare.
The person who posted the article made the comment; Are our women becoming too demanding? Is this western influence? I mean I wanted to scream. They basically said she should have kept her mouth shut, then she wouldn't be in a fat faced bloody coma.

Coincidentally I have been reading many many articles from Nigeria, for another reason, which this article just came up on, because of the word "nigerian" But I felt the need to respond.

I cannot tell you HOW MANY girls and woman are killed/ beaten/ subjected to totally misery by their African immigrant husbands. Even the Christian nations & areas have that same mindset of muslims that women are OWNED. They believe in female genital mutilation, cutting off the woman's clitoris & even the labia minor & then slicing off the inner half of the vulva/ pressing the two cut edges together & sewing them together so they heal into one swath of tissue, virtually closing the entire vaginal area shut. They leave a tiny hole for your period & for urination.

When asked why the still do it, they say women who don't have their clits cut off are destined to be promiscuous WHORES.

I'll pray for you/the woman in this article if it is not you. This is a sad sad scary story.