Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interesting Read: "Love Is Proper Bullshit And Commitment Is A One Off"

“PING!!! where are you? you know its my wedding tomorrow right?”

I didn’t reply the message, I knew what she was going to say and I must say the phobia I have for the BBM and that screen muncher thing is hilarious. I don’t disclose even my whereabouts in a chat with friends. Munching chats. they will soon start recording phone calls and feelings… Anyway, I called her and she starts to tell me again about how she’s getting married because the guy did this, the guy did that but she doesn’t love him and he doesn’t satisfy her blah blah… I said
OK no problem but you’re getting married to this same guy's flaws and all so he must definitely have some good attributes. she said yes. he’s rich. I laughed my ass off literally cause I toppled over the chair I was sitting in. I consoled her or something. I don’t know, but I said some sooothing words to her and wished her the best then rung off.
This girl and I had been in a back and forth relationship for over four years. We were the definition of “its complicated” I know she loved me, but her greed got in the way and she became the chairlady of aristo association of Africa. She will go to Dubai, Malaysia, London etc. and bring me back stuff from her “cousin” “uncle” :family friend”… We broke up constantly because of the many falsehoods and dirty behaviour, but there was always something bringing us back together.. Then at 25 she noticed all of her friends were getting married and it became apparent that I wasn’t planning on settling down any time soon so she got herself a boyfriend and was getting married now.
After we got off the phone she sent me another BBM… ”I couldn’t say this over the phone. Femi I need to see you desperately”
Well, I called again and asked where she was. She said she was staying at a hotel with her bridesmaids and co. I booked a room in the same hotel and needless to say, I was with the bride to be all night long. I was there when her groom called and professed love, gushing about how happy and lucky he was. I cant even word what I was doing to her when she said he loved him too. Lol! End times people, I tell you!!!
I left early morning and went back home to get ready for the wedding. I’d been invited of course and party rice has always appealed to me. So I called up a few of my guys and we all went together.
Looking at how serious and solemn she seemed as she took her vows, as she said “I DO” I shook my head in wonderment. Is this how life really is? mehn, home-boy no go marry again O. I cant imagine standing in front of a babe and promising my whole life not knowing she had just given somebody else a few hours before.
Marriage just scares me now. Trust is a thing of the past. Love is proper bullshit and commitment is a one off. I know if I eventually fall in love enough to want to marry some girl, I”ll treat her in such a way that I’d want to be treated. Give her all I want to receive,and pray she feels the same way I do too.
At the reception, the new wife came to me and said for all to hear “so good to see you again, thanks for coming” In my ear she whispered, “l’ll see you after the honeymoon for a real honeymoon” then she squeezed my arm and walked away to go kiss her husband, still smiling.
Oh Lawwwd!
The end times are here people. The devil is taking over and he started with the women… again.

Culled from NaijaStories


Da Guvanor said...

I'm speechless .. Been feeling like the guy lately, I think marriage is been abused and if I'm not sure about it, I'm not gonna get married oh... But yet again if he repelled her advances then it might have helped. smh

Anonymous said...

Shaving My Head Seriously

siryoz0 said...

Why look for a person not interested in you? Find someone that has the courage to spend the rest of their life devoting to you.

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OmogeNaija said...

The writer is scared of committing to a babe because of the kind of person he is, Guy, u gat conscience, YO DO NOT SLEEP WITH ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE! You can't actually pray to marry someone like you, can you? guess what? I have prayed that over and over.
Oro e, bi oro abeni l'ori ni, Abeni l'ori kii fe ki won mu Ida koja l'ori oun, I'll try to translate, a hangman does not want the noose dangling over him, he'll always think someone is coming for his head.
Okay so, on a milder note, you can make efforts at changing, there are many decent babes out there, it takes a clear conscience to identify one, goodluck!

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