Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goldie Brings Sexy Back, You Won't Believe These Pictures.. *Eyes Popping**

Goldie.. erm.. coughs and all the in-between reaction.. Doesn't she look lovely? Anyways, those are pics from her 2012 calendar, you gotta get one, follow her on twitter on @goldieharvey to learn how you can. Tell you what :D, the gist here really is about her nationwide tour which the songstress plans to embark on soon. The tour is billed to promote her Gold Reloaded album. This is one tour you have to watch out for as Goldie is set to give a whooping $50,000 through a contest she has tagged the "Gold Reloaded Album Contest". $50,000 is no joke o, find out more about this after the jump..

The $50,000 Gold Reloaded Album contest is a promotional contest that everyone and anyone can participate in from fans to upcoming artistes, producers and students. To stay up to date on her tour and contest, Log on to her official website – www.GoldieHarvey.net and follow her on Twitter @goldieharvey.

Please note that to participate in the $ 50,000 Gold Reloaded Album cross promotion contest, you need to purchase a copy of her Reloaded Album.

Goldie is also embarking on a campaign called “Don’t Touch My Body” which fights against the discrimination of women in the Nigerian Society.She has gone to various schools to inform young girls about the warning signs.

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Anonymous said...

Aint those Derele kind of boots?