Saturday, March 17, 2012

Twitter Extract - "When Goodluck Entered Mo'Hits" + More

Twitter went agog this a.m when Don Jazzy left some tweets on his timeline that put to rest the several weeks long rumour of the split between him and Dbanj. To say his over 220,000+ fans were shocked is an understatement, though some saw it coming but the confirmation still didn't prepare many when they heard it (not literally) from the horse's mouth. Personally, the split is a sad development but it is what it is. I wish both Don Jazzy and Dbanj the very best, and here's hoping they will both not fade into obscurity.. Y'all get!

I am #TeamDonJazzy, and I'm not bothered that I have to reveal this. I wish tho that Mr. Dapo will keep winning in all his goals in life. I have no hard feelings, #iSwearDownNOT :D

On a final note and a sad one, the Africa music space will miss the 'magic' these two talents brought to the industry, we loved them, but now we gotta say our goodbye and split the love too. [PS: I'll still bump to Dbanj's songs, and rock his future releases iff they are good].. #OkBye. #TwitterExtracts here --->

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