Friday, March 9, 2012

Kanye West And Katy Perry? #Odd

Word has it that these two might be 'rolling in the deep', apologies to Adele.. Gist is the two are an item, or they may be soon be, judging from their recent outing together at the Paris Fashion Week where Kanye showcased his Spring/Autumn collection. Wouldn't that be something?! Kanye and Katy has a really nice ring to it but don't you for a minute think they'll make an awkward couple.. I think they will

An insider told #MTO, "Katy and Kanye were near each other all night, not all over each other, just close like they were trying to hide it... And after about an hour, they both inconspicuously left together."Katy is good friends with Rihanna, who according to interviews, is the one who introduced them.

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