Friday, March 9, 2012

Interesting Read: Singer, Kefee Recently Marked *21st Birthday*, Believe That?

TheNetNG - I’m truly happy for Kefee. And any right thinking person should be. She’s weathered the storm – the media storm especially. In spite of being so on her case, she got married right under our noses and we didn’t see it coming, even when the husband-to-be was one of us. Now that’s something. I know you’re saying ‘get to it’ in your mind and I’ll do just that.
Beautiful calculation – Nine weeks after her ex's remarried. Smart clandestine courtship – No speculations in the media prior to D-day. Now whether her new husband is the appropriate candidate or not is entirely her business, we just hope that by marrying Radio’s Fresh PrinceTeddy Esosa Don-Momoh last
Saturday, Irikefe
Obareki has officially buried the ghost of her previous teen marriage. Teen marriage? Of course. Or isn’t that what she was trying to tell us when she invited us to her ‘21st’ birthday on the February 5 this year, the same day she opened Branama Kitchen – her restaurant? I’ll back it up a bit.

When sportsmen, especially African footballers, claim 21 instead of 35, or 17 instead of 28, it’s easy to know why, right? But when a known entertainer ‘reduces’ his/her age, to what end is it?

In 2008, Kefee was enmeshed in a very messy divorce from her label CEO and manager, Alec Godwin who also doubled (or tripled) as her husband for three years. They shared a common history of church singing and family acquaintances, both being Pastors’ children back in Warri before the Lagos invasion that sold her Branama brand. So if Kefee’s 21 in 2012 and her first marriage lasted three years, isn’t Alec guilty of child abuse? And how does one qualify the pastors and parents that approved (assuming they did) such joining?

And then, if Kefee is 21, doesn’t that make her the record holder for Nigeria’s youngest celebrity divorce, seeing she did at the age of 17? Also, how come we dared to celebrate Wizkid as Nigeria’s youngest Pop sensation in 2010, 2011 when he’s ‘older ‘than Aunt Kefee who hit limelight when she was barely 15? (confused look). I mean who would have thought ‘WizDaddy’ and Mo’Cheddah were older than Aunt Kefee since both youngsters clocked 21 last year? And where does that put Chidinma? Thank God for her small stature but come on, I am not buying that 21 ‘bou-bou’. That’s a load of hogwash! (sigh).

This is what I’m driving at. Can we be a bit more intelligent please? This warning is to all popular entertainers, especially artistes. If you have to grow younger (as against older) please cut your audience some slack by being more inventive.


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shuu, ow possible is that...abeg abeg, we Nigerian get small brain if not much na...21 ko, 121 ni