Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Had An Embarrasing Menstrual Moment.. Oh Well!

Insert 'I am embarrased smiley'.. I am, I was.. Oops, that wasn't me though :D Just fooling around, Sincerely, this didn't happen to me but a friend and yesterday too. So, I got a call from her last9t.. Don't scream, she knows I was going to talk about it here, I promised not to mention names.. Wink.

She called to tell me she was going into a crisis, the heart type, I was freaked out and scared cos the impresssion I got from that was a cardiac arrest, at what age, her young age? Oh, no! She being a white girl but young is still young, it would have been preposterous..and she's relatively a
new friend of mine, my neighbour actually.

I couldn't take it and that's when she asked me to calm down and told me what she suffered from was worse than a heart attack.. Oh, well!

I listened..

Apparently, my good friend just spotted her period in the most unlikely place and in the most humiliating, and embarrasing way. She went for an interview somewhere in Manhattan, offices there are posh and tastefully decorated.. Here she was, seated on a vintage chair, and just when she was being interviewed by the head of HR, Aunty Red decided to pay an august visit. My friend, lets call her Paula said she would have gotten up right there and then to make to the ladies but she felt it was already too late as she was soaked and could feel it.

She shifted her bum on the seat and took a quick look, to her consternation, the cream coloured seat was conspicuously stained, no way she could hide it and the HR personnel? He was a manly man!

What she did?

Smart girl feigned stomach ache and asked to see a chick from the same office.. Odd request.. Out went the man, who luckily for her didn't ask questions, and in came a hot chick who works in the same company.. Between the two of them, she cleaned up after herself, thankfully, the chick was quite understanding. Paula was lucky.

In case you're wondering if she got the job, she did but the seat remained permanently stained. Nothing they did removed all the blood stains.. She's afraid when she resumes work with the company, the other staff will all come to joke about the incident and tongues will keep wagging.

Here's her prayer, that the seat will be moved to a corner space in the office or that an accident will occur, one that will require the complete removal of the 'bloody seat'.. Lol

Paula has this sinking feeling that the HR guy knew, she just believes that.. Well... I would be very embarrased too.

So, have you ever gotten your period in the most unusual manner in a public place and you didn't realize it until somebody tells you? Share your stories please. Guys, have you seen a girl during one of such moments? What did you do? Had fun laughing or you helped? *tongue in cheek*


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