Sunday, March 11, 2012

Girls That I Love [Part II] - Krystle Olawunmi Akeredolu

Ask me why I love her,  she's super talented noni :D..  Krystle Olawunmi Akeredolu [Ola Kystle] finds it funny that her mom named her Krystle, but she thinks she understands why. She's of the opinion her mom could have only believed she was going to grow up to be a lover of fab things especially jewelry. Ola Krystle loves beautiful things  that come in the form shoes, clothes, handbags and well, hair extensions.. add makeup and JEWELRY  (of course) to the list.

Why am I going on like this? Well, this's to showcase some of her works as a jewelry designer, she's working to get her pieces into Macy's, don't be surprised this's one other feat she'll achieve too.. How was this journey birthed? Read what she has to say..
I had a rosary given to me by a friend as a gift. It was elegant, pretty and above all it was simple. I've come across rosary pieces all my life, but this one was somewhat different. Every where I went I was complemented, and because of that I wore it almost everyday. One day, in a rascally moment, it broke. No more complements?! WOW! I couldn't live with that, so I hatched a master plan to put it back together. I couldn't find all the pieces so I improvised with substitutes I bought from a local bead store, and what do you know? It turned out better than the original and when I was asked how I did it, I said "I PUT MY HEART IN THE PIECE"....and that's how my journey began.

You can reach Ola Krystle here ---> Uzezi Jewelry Company
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