Thursday, March 22, 2012

All-Natural Hair-Dos/Styling That Should Make A Comeback

My mum rocked one or more of these hairstyles back in the days.. #iLike. BTW, I see Omawumi, Waje, Muma Gee, even Genevieve rocking them.. Lol but seriously! Source - These images are from two series of postcards produced between 1900 and 1910 by the photographer F.W.H Arkhurst in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast. Arkhurst, a member of the Nzima ethnic group born in the Gold Coast, was a timber exporter who lived in Assinie and later in Grand Bassam. His studio photographs capture perfectly the then fashionable style of women’s dress along the African coast from the Niger Delta to the Ivory Coast as families grew prosperous from trading opportunities in the expanding colonial economies. Hair was swept high and adorned with gold jewellery or wrapped in cloth, tailored dress was of imported cotton prints, often with a shawl or wrap of locally woven fabrics. Enjoy! More photos after the jump

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