Thursday, March 29, 2012

236 Days Of Heavy Rainfall Predicted In Lagos State.. Awww

The Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Tunji Bello, said at press conference yesterday that Lagosians should prepare for 236 days of heavy rain in 2012. What he said:
The natural phenomena that controlled 2011 rainfall are still in force and as such it has been predicted that rainfall will commence from Thursday, March 22, with a margin of error of four days. To a large extent we will agree that this prediction is true as the rains have started in Lagos. It has also been predicted that the end of the season for 2012 is November 12 with a margin of error of two days; with between November 10 and 14 as probable days. The total length of rainy season for the year is approximately put at 236 days with a margin of error of two days. Like last year, Lagos will experience heavy rainfall with serious intensity.

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