Saturday, February 11, 2012

WoW! Linda Ikeji Meets With Obama, Michael Jordan, Angelina Jolie + Others.. Big Girls Tins :D

I knew you would check this out. Wink.. Make una no hear say Nigerian chick or guy meet American celebs you would race down here to check the authenticity of the story I'm fairly certain, over certain sef.. Well, the popular blogger jetted (*yeah yeah) to America to wine and dine some

with fam and her fans for a couple weeks, (only the rich and famous would try that couple of weeks trip to Yankee lohun lohun I bet.. Lol).. As I dey here myself, I won't be back in Obodo Naija until I exhaust all the money spent on my flight when I came here about 10months my head I'm still calculating as I have some change to still account for.. Hehehe.. I yam serious and I seriously swear down too.. *licks 10 fingers, rubs plenty saliva, placed all of 9 and a half (of them ) down on bare ground* :D

I digress.. Linda here appears to be having a blast holding some dude's crotch, the audacity abi?!! Even if the *somebody she's holding his tin is not the real flesh and blood.. still Naija liver noni. 


BTW, you know what makes me happy, that she didn't try the crotch holding pose with my sweetheart, y'all know who.. Thierry Henry!!! View Here.. It'd have been a disaster and resulted 2 some heavy fight.. U no I love me some Henry, I've never hide my feelings and I will be *frant, scratch that, frank to bless anyone who dares it with several holy slaps.

Well, b4 i start misbehaving sha, I yam going to have to stop here and go off to bed. Whitney Houston's death kept me awake, one sad business that. May her soul rest in peace.. Americans will miss her, the entire world too.. We love you Whitney!!!

So friends, bye now till my next blogPOST(s) in d #American a.m

PS: For more pissure, go to LindaIkeji


Aderemi said...

hahahahahaha @kiss, ur so right! i raced down here(with one eyes closed) #HalfAwake...

Am liking he crotchy part...what nerve eh?

Awesome post again kiss!

Wanting to comment on most of ur post here...but google started giving me JAMB test, since this one went through, be sure i'll comment some more ;) #OkBye

Berrykiss said...

Aderemi, thanks dear.. Dancing alanta.. You know I'm a proper Naija gerl, I knew this will stir some reaction.. Lol

lushariike said...

lmao....cant stop laughing