Friday, February 24, 2012

White South African Govt Minister Says Blacks Have No Claim to South African Land

Pieter Mulde
Wow right? Imagine if a member of parliament in UK pulls this? Is there even a Black man/woman in UK parliament..? #iGoDie if there is.. apologies to the comedian : ) Here's what South Africa’s deputy Agriculture Minister, Pieter Mulde said this week about Black non-ownership of land in
South Africa.

“Black South Africans had no historical claim to 40 percent of South Africa. Africans in particular never in the past lived in the whole of South Africa,” he said during debate in South Africa’s National Assembly on last week’s State of the Nation address.
Imagine David Cameron waking up one day addressing GEJ saying Nigerians don't own 60% of her land mass. You can never tell with these people.. Well, what do you make of this?

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