Friday, January 27, 2012

The Spinsters And The House Maid Jokes

My ribs have all cracked from this nitooto..

Dear Bachelors, we don't want KFC, Sharwama, Perfumes or Chocolates, we don't want Ipad, Iphone & BlackBerry this coming Valentine's Day, February 14. What we want is a VISIT to our PARENTS.. SHIKENA!!! Sincerely Yours, Sprinters
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I went with a friend to visit her boyfriend from a very rich family. The maid approached me and asked

MAID: What would you like to have, fruit juice, yoghurt, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, frapuccino or coffee?
ME: Tea pls.
MAID: Ceylon tea, Indian tea, herbal tea, kericho gold tea, bush tea or green tea?
ME: Ceylon tea pls.
MAID: How do u want it, black or white?
ME: White
MAID: Milk or fresh cream?
ME: With milk.
MAID: Goat milk or cow milk?
ME: Cow’s milk.
MAID: Freezeland cow or Afrikaner cow?
ME: Umm, lemme go with d freezeland cow.
MAID: Would you like it with sweetener, sugar or honey?
ME: Sugar.
MAID: Bee sugar or cane sugar?
ME: Cane sugar
MAID: White, brown or yellow sugar?
ME: Abeg, forget abtout dhe tea, just give me a glass of water.
MAID: Mineral, tap or distilled water?
ME: Mineral water.
MAID: Flavored or non flavored?
ME: Infact get me an empty glass!
MAID: Do u want a tumbler, wine glass, champagne flute or a beer mug?
ME: Abeg, free me, I go swallow my spit.
Have a swell weekend friends

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