Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Association of Boyfriends, Bachelors, Fiancees and Husbands

We the Association of Boyfriends, Bachelors, Fiancees and Husbands will like to inform our girlfriends, fiancees, married women that we've removed subsidy in all our expenses

No more 'Baby, can I take a cab?: pls take the next available bus and get here on time.
No more, I want to fix my hair: pls cut the hair, I love it wen you ar...e natural.
All birthdays have been postponed till further notice.
No more 'please pay for my BIS': Whatsapp is very effective and fast, use ur Sony Ericsson.
No more paying of bride price, unless ur papa go collect post dated cheque until our refineries are repaired. 

We have removed all forms of subsidies on all activities except those relating to the bedroom for which we retain our God given authority : )
We have realised that we are equal partners, hence, all expenses going forward shall be shared 50:50.
We understand the pain this might bring but we must suffer now for the future to be better.
Please if you must protest, let it be peaceful. Do not scatter the electronics, for it will lead to removal of more subsidy.

May God give us the grace to bear this upcoming pain(s).'"if U̶̲̥̅̊ can't comply...marry ur fada!"

LWKMD.. #occupyNigeria

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