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SHOCKING, No? - Rihanna's Most Revealing Interview Till Date [with Oprah]

Rihanna knows how to get us awed.. No kidding! She sat down with Oprah recently for an exclusive about her life, love story with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and more.. Sighs* Well, I gotta say she is a strong woman, if everybody loves the way Rihanna does Breezy, who knows what our world would be like now.. My point is, you gotta give it to her, she's a woman scorned but who still believe in unending love. Make of that what you will, but girlfriend is so not over Mr. Brown.
BTW, I checked all my favourite blogs, Necole Bitchie breaks down Rihanna's interview best of all. Enjoy reading, hoping you will understand Rihanna's overall story.
Over the past three years, we’ve watched Rihanna go from a happy 21 year old who was madly in love, to a heartbroken, bad ass, ganja smoking, middle-finger flinging bad girl with an ‘I don’t give a ****, I don’t want to be a role model attitude’. It has been so very easy to make assumptions that she is still coming to terms with the domestic violence incident, that she needs therapy and some type of guidance, however after watching her interview with Oprah last night, it’s clear that she’s okay. She’s received all of the help that she’s needed, whether it has been through therapy or the support and love of her family, friends and fans. She has very much come to terms of who she is as a person, as well as the things that have happened in her life and she’s healing. ‘I am a work in progress’, she told Oprah. She’s human.
In the 40 minute intimate chat, Rihanna openly laid all of her feelings on the table as she talked about the important lessons she’s learned from her grandmother, who recently passed, as well as the 2009 domestic violence incident that ended her relationship with Chris Brown. She spent a huge part of the interview expressing that she still loved Chris, that she truly believed that he is the love of her life and in order to forgive him, she had to forgive her father for things that happened in her childhood.
The interview was almost equivalent to watching a huge therapy session, but it was very good because while revealing how she has accepted the things that have caused her the most pain in her life, she not only allowed us to understand some of her actions but she was able to help millions of people who are going through similar situations. Oprah did a really good job of humanizing Rihanna with this interview. She stripped her of her pop star status and revealed the real person, under that ‘tough girl’ shell..and that is why she’s the best at what she does.
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Rihanna on what she learned from her Grandma Dolly
She taught me a lot about forgiveness. She taught me a lot about loving my enemies. She me a lot about spirituality, faith, strength as a woman and the one thing she wants me to do is to marry someone that loves me more than I love them. Because a woman will always give even more than they need to, we’re selfless beings, it’s maternal and with husbands they’ll only meet you halfway if they love you a little more.

Rihanna on Her Fans and What she’d like for them to know
I put a lot of importance in my relationship with my fans. I want them to feel comfortable knowing that I have flaws as well. I want them to know those flaws because I am afraid of the pedestal that comes with fame and being a celebrity so I keep myself as close to the ground as possible. I don’t ever want to be above them [and for them to think] that because they are fans that I am not one of them and they are not one of us. We are all people. We all have a purpose.

Rihanna on if she considers herself a role model
No because of what society has made that title. It has become a title of perfection and that is something that no one can achieve.

Rihanna on the Chris Brown domestic violence incident
I was hurt the most. Nobody felt what I felt. I was hurt because it happened to me. It happened to me in front of the world. It was embarrassing, it was humiliating. It was hurtful. It’s not easy. I lost my best friend. Everything I knew switched in a night and I couldn’t control that. I had to deal with that and it’s not easy for me to understand or interpret and it’s not easy for me to interpret on camera with the world watching. So it’s hard for me to pay attention to my mind and figuring things out because now it became a circus and I felt protective. I felt like the only person that they hate right now is him and it was a weird confusing space to be in. Cause’ As angry as I was, as hurt and betrayed, I felt that he made that mistake because he needed help. Who’s going to help him? Nobody is going to say, ‘he needs help’. Everyone is going to say he’s a monster without looking at the source. I was more concerned about him.

On her current relationship with Chris Brown
We’ve been working on our friendship again and now we are very close friends. We’ve built our trust again. We love each other and we will probably always will. That’s not anything you can change or shut off if you’ve ever been in love.

If she’s seeing Chris Brown again
No, he’s in a relationship of his own. I’m single but we have maintained a close friendship ever since the restraining order has been dropped. We just worked on it little by little but it’s not easy

On the rumors that she recently saw him in St. Tropez
Yes I did. We went to a mutual friend’s party on a yacht. It’s awkward [when I see him] because I still love him. My stomach drops and I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me. I have to maintain that and suppress it and interpret it and understand it. And understand that that’s not going to go away. That is peaceful. When you don’t understand those feelings you can make a lot of mistakes.

On if she thinks Chris Brown is a true love for her
Absolutely. I think he was the love of my life. He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way. We were very young and very spontaneous. We ran free. We ran wild. We were falling in love and going at a really rapid pace that we forgot about ourselves as individuals. We forgot about our personal discipline. We needed something to completely shut that off and show us what we were missing, what we were taking for granted, and if we really care about each other, care about each other’s happiness so it’s not even about us being together. I truly love him so the main thing for me is that he’s at peace. I’m not at peace if he’s a little unhappy or he’s still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace.

On if she’s forgiven Chris
I have forgiven him. It took me a long time. I was angry for a long time. I felt like this is not my fault, this is not me doing this but still I had to worry. I was resentful. I had a grudge. I was dark and it was coming out in my music and in my clothes, it was coming out in my attitude and I didn’t like that feeling. It was heavy.

[To get over it] I had to repair my relationship with my dad. I was so angry at him. I was angry about a lot of things from my childhood and I couldn’t separate him as a husband from him as a father. I felt like if he was a bad husband, he was a bad father. I witnessed a lot as a child in my household. [He was] violent. My family broke up because of his addiction. I remember one day thinking, ‘Why can’t I come to a place where I let someone in. Why can’t I love’. I’d get to a place [with guys] where I really liked them and then I’d change. I would never talk to them again and I wanted to know why. And I wanted to know ‘what is my idea of what’s suppose to happen’? It was because I didn’t have a relationship with my father anymore and so I wasn’t able to connect with a man past a certain point.

The minute I was able to realize that my father was probably one of the best fathers in the world…. Like he taught me everything, and as awful as he was to my mom at times, it didn’t compare to how great he was as a father. And I had to come to terms with that and I was able to close that gap with him and all kinds of emotions starting happening after that. All kinds of things started making sense. I thought I hated Chris and I realized it was love that was tarnished. It was ugly, it was angry, it was inflamed, it was tainted and I realized that, I had to forgive him because I cared about him still. And the minute I did that, I started living again. [Once I realized there was a connection between the two [my relationship with my father and my relationship with Chris], I had to go to the source.

I can’t tell people how to feel about it. They are entitled to be angry but I have forgiven him.

On what it would take to find a man like the one ‘Grandma Dolly’ thinks she should have
I don’t put too much [thought] into it. I know what I want. I know if I had it my way, I want a man that loves me, cherishes me, values me.. But they have to know my value in order to value me. They have to know my worth and they can only know my worth if I know my worth. I want him to respect me but I want fun times.
I just want to laugh. I have everything else, all I want is a partner in crime to enjoy it with me.
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