Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo: They Say Kim Kardashian Can Cook, Check Out What She Made For Kanye

If you are wondering how the big guys are all into Kim Kardashian, then you prolly need to get into her kitchen. She tweeted a photo of a plate of fried

 chicken, cornbread and mac & cheese that she cooked for boyfriend, Kanye, it looks great too.. Lol.. I didn't say 'tastes tho, how would I even know..? Hehe! BTW, she tweeted the following words for effect:

"Cooking some soul food for my baby! Luxury chef…the Hermes of soul food".. Wow! Remember she dated Reggie Bush, American footballer.. Well, he once mentioned Kim's cooking prowess in the kitchen.. Peep the exerpt:,
“We were kind of dating and she said, ‘I can kind of cook good’. She’s the first girl that’s ever cooked a meal for me. That’s honestly how she got me – with the food! She cooked one of my favorite meals, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, candy yams and fried chicken and it was ridiculously good.
I was already stunned by how beautiful she is and then when she cooked the meal for me. And she’s pretty too, it’s done. You can’t ask for much more.”


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