Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Dirts: What They Are Saying About Current 'Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria,' Isabella Ayuk

The MBGN pageant is close to losing its credibility because of the recent disgrace of their current queen which the organisers are trying to sweep under the carpet.
For those who do not know yet,the current Mbgn was rejected by the Miss world pageant organisers over an alleged falsification of her age,but the mgbn pageant directors have announced that their queen isabella is not attending the miss world pageant for 'personal reasons'(story story!).

The eventual emergence of Isabella Ayuk as the 25th Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria raised many eyebrows as it was believed she did not win the crown fairly and thus they nicknamed her 'the malaria queen'.
Insiders who know the disgraced queen like the back of their palms revealed that she had tried various beauty pageants for more than a decade, until luck eventually smiled on her via the MBGN 2012 pageant.

Her first shot at trying to become a beauty queen was at the age of 21yrs in 2002 when she was in her 200 level at the
University of Calabar.

After that she tried the MBGN competition in 2004 without luck.

She was again seen on the stage during the organization of the Queen of South South Nigeria in 2007, a pageant she put her desperation and connection to test and won. she was crowned the Queen of South South Nigeria but Winning Miss south south was not enough.

Isabella met a young man, Mathew then a franchise holder of the Miss Global International pageant in Jamaica in 2009,and on account of her connection with money bags, Isabella was hand-picked to represent Nigeria when she agreed to sponsor herself for the international pageant in Jamaica where she performed woefully.

After the pageant in Jamaica, Isabella supposedly 'snatched' the Miss Global International franchise from Mathew and went on to aquire the franchise to host the Nigeria version of the pageant and feed the nation's beauty ambassadors in 2010 but instead of hosting, she jumped on the plane and appeared again as the contestant for Nigeria and this time she practically begged the organizers to give her the crown but her pleas fell on deaf ears because of the age factor.
After so many failed attempts, Isabella was again said to have approached the management of the Ben Bruce-led Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria pageant to allow her contest, but the deal she signed with them to bequeath her the coveted crown is yet to be unraveled.

A brief insight into her lifestyle shows that, Isabella is financially rooted and lives in a well furnished apartment in Abuja and has 2 state of the art cars without any visible means of livelihood.

she is well connected in the political circle and one of her sponsor is Mr. Henry Imasheka, one of the business partners of the jailed former Delta State Governor, James Onanefe Ibori.

Insiders allege the current Mbgn was rejected to represnet Nigeria by the Miss world officials after a tip off that she was older than has been officially declared.

This should serve as a lesson to the organisers of the mbgn pageant,more scandals like this will turn what they have worked so hard to build fall apart like a pack of cards. ...if however they insist on crowning older ladies as queen,they can begin most beautiful older girl in Nigeria pageant!

SOURCE: StellaDimokokurkus

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