Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bribery Update: Farouk Lawan Will Appear Before House Panel Today

Farouk Lawan needs no introduction [I'm sure], he is billed to appear before the House Committee on Ethics and Privileges today at 12:30pm. Otedola will also appear before same panel, but next week.

The House of Representatives has set up this committee - same ol' - to look into the $620,000 bribery scandal that hit the Farouk-led subsidy probe committee. Incase you haven't been following this, kindly google for additional info. Winks.. Better still, read more Subsidy Probe: Zenon Oil Boss, Otedola Owns Up To Bribing Farouk Lawan. Interesting Read or Subsidy Probe: Word Is Hon. Farouq Lawan Is a Fraud, Takes $600,000 Bribe

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