Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yaaaay, Finally, Funke Akindele's Wedding Pictures + Whiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are Engaged

Ema binu o (apologies) but you've been punk'd.. Heheh (wicked laughs).. SOURCE - A new movie directed by Tunde Olaoye and produced by Kalejaiye Adeboye paired new faces of Nollywood Funke Akindele and Joseph Benjamin in a romantic movie titled “Married but living single”. The movie features Funke Akindele as kate who works for an advertising company with a strict boss Joke Silver, kate is so occupied with her career at the expense of her family.
She chose her profession before her family and her husband whom she was supposed to accompany to India for a surgery. She neglected her work as a wife and

mother to her daughter and husband. This left the daughter’s love to her father and a stranger Titi (Kiki Omeli) who became the mothers competitor and husbands mistress. So, there you have it.. Wink

In other news Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are engaged.. Its official, view Amber's engagement ring in the image below

Striking and beautiful right? Read Whiz Khalifa's tweet below where he announced the engagement and Amber Rose's just minutes after.. Does anyone take these two serious? Az in, I'm not pretty sure much will come out of this their upcoming wedding o.. #JustSaying. I kinda think Whiz Kalifa is a fall back guy for Amber Rose, he may just be her reason to hold unto fame.. Shrugs

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