Thursday, March 15, 2012

Woman Drinks Her Own Urine, Brushes Her Teeth With It & Bathes In It

A cancer-stricken woman swears by the healing properties of her own urine, drinking it, rubbing it on her skin, even BATHING in it. Eew!

53-year-old Carrie has been drinking her own urine for 4 years, TMZ reported that she doesn't just drink her pee, she brushes her teeth with it, uses it as lotion, pours it in her hair, bathes in it, even rinses out her eyeballs with it.

Heheh to 'rinses out her eyeballs with it. Some crazy things people do eh.. In Naija, I heard that rubbing early momo urine on pimples is a cure for the irritants, and the urine gives a new shine to your face.. Ghen ghen tins :D

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