Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shame: 'Pregnant' Nigerian Gave Birth To A Stash Of Heroin [25 Pellets] At JFK Airport

I have no words to describe how I feel about this shameful act.. Honestly, it beats the mind why these people think they can just get by airport security with drugs (in whatever quantity) and not be caught.. 25 pellets!!  Read story here - A Customs search of Nigerian woman who flew in from France showed she caried 25 pellets of heroin in her intestinal tract.
Afolake Awoyemi, a Nigerian national, attracted the attention of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspector as soon as she waddled off Air France flight No. 6 from Paris last Wednesday. Awoyemi, 42, wearing a “loose-fitting dress” was asked whether she was pregnant, and the woman replied that she was three months along, Homeland Security special agent John Moloney stated in a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The customs inspector noted that Awoyemi appeared nervous, so she was selected for a pat-down search. After feeling a “bulge” in Awoyemi’s groin area, the situation escalated to a partial strip-search, according to the complaint.

When she dropped her drawers, Awoyemi’s scheme fell apart. Pellets containing brown powder began dropping from her groin area — and the substance tested positive for heroin.
Awoyemi was taken to a medical facility at the airport, where the federal cops administered a pregnancy test that came back negative.

An X-ray showed more pellets in her intestinal tract, and by the end of the day she had passed about 25 pellets of heroin in a special commode that Customs officials have dubbed the “Drug Loo.” The high-tech toilet sanitizes the incriminating evidence.

A Homeland Security spokesman said Friday that Awoyemi was still hospitalized. She was expected to be brought before a federal magistrate Monday.

Typically, a drug swallower’s stomach may appear distended by the pellets or balloons filled with drugs. Four pellets lined end to end would measure about the size of a hot dog.
Twenty-five pellets of heroin could have a street-value of about $20,000. Experienced drug mules have swallowed up to 200 pellets containing drugs, indicating Awoyemi may have been on a maiden voyage, the spokesman said.


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