Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nigeria Deports More South Africans To Their Country, Uncovers Prostitution Ring

Last week, the South African government deported 125 Nigerians, accusing them of having fake yellow fever certificates. In what some have tagged a reflexive reaction, Nigerian immigration a few days ago refused 28 South Africans entry into Nigeria, accusing them of illegally entering the country vis the South Africa national carrier, South Africa Airways. The 28 people were reportedly not allowed to leave the Murtala Muhammed International Airport as they were promptly sent back to their country. More people have since then been deported. This while the Nigeria's foreign minister, Olusegun Ashiru, issued the South African government a warning to either behave to
face sanctions from Nigeria.

Latest report going round is that the Nigerian government is said to have uncovered a prostitution ring that's run by a high profile South African businessman with 67 prostitutes in his employment both in Abuja and Lagos.

Consequently, the government has concluded plans to deport the 67 prostitutes who are believed to be HIV positive. The move is part of government deliberate policy to double the figure of the 125 Nigerians deported by South Africa before the consideration of any diplomatic solution to the lingering feud with the South African government."

It baffles the mind tho why Nigeria's government just suddenly discovered a prostitution ring owned by a South African, in any case, I think we should make a stand on issues such as discrimination against our people by the SA government. You can rightly say that FG is on point on this one.. Where this will lead no one can tell.. yet..but this breakdown in foreign relations between the two countries is nobody's fault but the South Africans.. #my2Cents


Aderemi said...

@kiss, i agree with u jare...its high time the Nigerian govt stand up for Nigerians in SA, you need to see level of discrimination Nigerians in SA face, fine, we have small amount of Nigerians doing drugs nd unlawful activities, we also have large amount of honest Nigerians here in SA, the media here in SA just chose to feed on the wrong doings of the small amount...both nations need each other, i know how much am paying in tax let SA govt not come here and act like we need them most! mscheeeew!!!

mrasheedat said...

it is simply an eye for an eye......

Berrykiss said...

Aderemi, I have heard so many stories already, Nigerains are too often discriminated against in South Africa, I hope this development will see a stop to this.. Cheers

mRasheedat, it shouldn't be dear but you have to say they had it coming.